Would you like more customers to buy your products?

At Barton Traders, we make it our mission to increase brand awareness and sales of our suppliers products. We regard our suppliers as partners and provide a value added service which goes further than the traditional supplier/retailer relationship. We manage the introduction of products to markets and sales platforms. We analyze market and product research data. We create and optimize promotional campaigns.

Our Approach

It’s no secret the future of retail is online. Amazon alone accounted for 53% of e-commerce growth in 2016. There’s a huge opportunity to increase sales if you use the correct strategy. When you supply your products to us, we don’t just list them on Amazon, eBay or Sears and hope for the best. We actively manage each stage of the marketing and follow-up process to ensure increased sales volume and satisfied, repeat customers.

Sales Content

Excellent product photography and sales copy are essential. We ensure your product listing has both. We understand the style and quantity of photographs required to make a listing stand out. It’s important shoppers don’t leave a listing but have all the information required to make a purchase. Well written copy serves to provide this information, answer any questions and remove doubts.

Product Reviews

Highly rated products sell more. That’s a fact. Typically, people search for products with 4 star or greater ratings. Products with poor ratings have a distinct disadvantage. Complete customer satisfaction is the key to receiving positive reviews. We use an automated email follow-up system to ask for reviews which, due to our listing optimization, are much more likely to be positive.

Social Marketing

We utilize social media and online advertising networks to send new customers to your product listings. We tailor the promotions to suit networks both internal and external to the sales platforms.

Pricing Agreements

If you stipulate a MSRP or MAP for a product, we always adhere to it. We monitor other sellers of your products and inform you when an agreement has been broken. We also perform competitive analysis to determine the optimum market price.

Advance Payment

Our payment terms with you are simple. We pay in full in advance for each order. No credit account required.

We’re always looking for new supplier partners.
Email us. Ask questions, tell us about your products.